Germstar 70161CRBL Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Starter Kit

Germstar Starter Kit, Touchelss Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, 70161, Citrus

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Germstar Starter Kit, Touchelss Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, 70161, Citrus

Germstar Touchless Hand Sanitizer System

 Germstar® Citrus is designed to yield a very pleasurable sanitizing experience. It has a 63% Ethyl alcohol base as its active ingredient, and special emollients, which virtually eliminate any alcohol odors, leaving a refreshing citrus scent.

Product Merits:

  • Germstar® Citrus is designed for applications where the user experience is the most important factor.
  • Like all Germstar® sanitizer solutions, Citrus also kills 99.99% of germs.
  • Germstar® Citrus is popular with restaurant patrons, airline passengers, movie and stadium goers, as well as motorists.

  Research has shown that hand sanitizers are more effective at fighting germs than hand washing with soap and water. And touchless systems go the extra mile, preventing cross-contamination while providing thorough hand sanitation.

The Germstar Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispener Starter Kit—a.k.a. “The Ball”—is a comprehensive kit that is ideal for home or office. Doses are adjustable from 0.7 ml to 6.0 ml, and each 32-ounce solution bag yields up to 1,300 washes.

Includes: Chrome / Blue Dispenser & (1) 32-ounce Citrus sanitizer bag.

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