Germstar 70151WHCO Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Starter Kit

Germstar Noro Starter Kit, Touchelss Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, 70151WHCO

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Germstar Noro Starter Kit, Touchelss Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, 70151WHCO

Germstar Touchless Hand Sanitizer System

Germstar® Noro is scientifically formulated to kill Noro virus. It has a 63% Ethyl alcohol base as its active ingredient, special emollients which maximize its Noro virus killing power, and leaves a fresh, mint scent.

Product Merits:

  • It was designed for the cruise line industry to protect ship’s passengers from the highly contagious nature of Noro virus.
  • Noro viruses produce nausea and vomiting (sometimes called the “stomach flu”).
  • Both patients and their vomit are highly contagious sources of Noro virus microorganisms.
  • Binderbauer Pharmaceuticals developed Germstar® Noro to have maximum effectiveness on Noro virus, although the solution is very effective at killing most other germs as well.

 Research has shown that hand sanitizers are more effective at fighting germs than hand washing with soap and water. And touchless systems go the extra mile, preventing cross-contamination while providing thorough hand sanitation.

 Doses are adjustable from 0.7 ml to 6.0 ml, and each 32-ounce solution bag yields up to 1,300 washes.

Includes: White / Cobalt Dispenser & (1) 32-ounce Noro sanitizer bag.

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