Side Press Mop Bucket

Side Press Mop Bucket

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Side Press Mop Bucket
RCP 7580-88 YEL

Ultimate Mop Wringer!

WaveBrake® Combos with Sideward Pressure Wringer - 35-Qt.

  • 35-Qt.
  • Web-molded plastic wringer, reinforced with tubular steel.
  • Tested to exceed 25,000 wringing cycles.
  • Accommodates up to 32-ounce mop head.

Finally . . . a mop wringer durable enough to be put through the wringer! This 35-quart, web-molded plastic wringer, reinforced with tubular steel, has been lab tested to exceed 25,000 wringing cycles, or nearly 29 times longer than traditional wringers. Its patented design features molded-in wave baffles that reduce wave motion and splashing, resulting in a safer, cleaner, and more efficient mopping experience. It secures the mop handle during transport, preventing damage to walls, and allows buckets to nest--even with casters attached--a space-saving efficiency that eliminates the need for bulkier units.

Accommodates up to 32-ounce mop heads.

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