3ft x 5ft Size 3M™ Dirt Stop™

MCO 34839, 3ft x 5ft Size 3M™ Dirt Stop™

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MCO 34839, 3ft x 5ft Size 3M™ Dirt Stop™
MCO 34839

Coiled vinyl loops scrape, trap and hide dirt and moisture from shoes; minimizes tracking debris into building. Easy-to-clean crush-resistant vinyl; just hose or shake clean. Studies have shown that 2.5-6 times more dirt and soil is removed by 3M Nomad Scraper Matting than competitive matting. Less dirt and soil tracked into facilities means reduced time, effort and energy required to keep floors clean. Fewer cleaning chemicals are required to maintain floors, which translate to fewer chemicals entering the environment, fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other indoor contaminants being released inside a facility, helping to improve indoor air quality. Handles ligh foot traffic - up to 50,000 people per year. Vinyl backing retains debris; prevents water seepage. Brown. 3ft x 5ft

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