Extreme Aircraft Cleaner

Simple Green® Extreme Aircraft & Precision Equipment Cleaner

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Simple Green® Extreme Aircraft & Precision Equipment Cleaner
SMP 13412

FAA air-craft-approved product cleans and protects finished and/or coated metals, plastics and fiberglass. Fast-working, high-performance solution cuts through built-up grease, oil, dirt, pollution, insect residue and impact soil. “Triple play” formula utilizes one grease lifter/cutter and two surfactants, ensuring high-capacity containment and easy rinsing. Time-tested, coupling-agent-fused anti-corrosion compounds prevent oxidation and hydrogen embrittlement. Oil/water separator-compatibility enables safe and easy recycling of petroleum-based contaminants. Concentrated form allows you to dilute to match the task at hand. Solvent-free liquid features a low toxicity level and meets current as well as anticipated VOC requirements.
Includes (12) 32-oz Spray bottles.

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