Paper Towels Have An Important Role In Preventing Infections


Using proper handwashing techniques is important – just as important as washing your hands as often as you should to avoid transmitting infections to others. Good hand washing is an important habit to teach children so they will automatically do it well as an adult and whenever it is necessary. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states, “It is well-documented that one of the most important measures for preventing the spread of pathogens is effective hand washing.”

So, in addition to washing your hands thoroughly using the proper technique, you need an effective soap and absorbent paper towels.

The Advantages of Using Paper Towels Over Electric Air Dryers
Single use paper towels are the best practice for hand drying in the fast paced food handling world. They are quick and effective. Experts have decided that the electric hot air hand dryers have no place in the food world. They are not effective or fast. Most users become impatient and walk away with wet hands. Studies have shown that wet hands transfer bacteria 500 times more readily than dry ones. If employees wipe their hands on their aprons or other soiled surfaces, dormant bacteria are reactivated, starting a new chain of contamination because germs love a warm, wet environment. Wet hands also contribute to accidents with electric appliances, accidental knife injuries, and increase the possibility of dropping hot food and glassware.

Selecting Paper Towels And Dispensers

  • Eliminate electric air dryers in all restrooms.
  • The hot air from the dryer just blows the germs around.
  • The slow drying time promotes the bad practices of drying hands on the apron or pants, or soiled surfaces.
  • Working with wet hands can endanger the employee and others.
  • Select the best paper towel for your situation.
  • Textured towels provide maximum absorbency.
  • Paper towels with a smooth surface absorb less water.
  • The paper towel should be strong when it is wet. Test to see if it falls apart when soaked.
  • Install hands-free towel dispensers.
  • This way, clean hands will touch just the paper towel.
  • Select a towel with a dispenser that is easy and fast to load and service.
  • Select a reliable supplier or distributor in your location that will be able to fill orders quickly.
  • Select a supplier that can supply both towels and hand washing soap.
  • Select a supplier who can service both the towel and soap dispensers.
  • Place the paper towel dispenser close to the hand washing sink, faucet and soap.

You can look at the wide selection of paper towel dispensers that are available at There are touchless paper towel dispensers, which automatically dispense a towel when a hand is placed below the sensor. There are also single sheet dispensers, single towel dispensers, as well as Lever Roll Towel Dispensers. You are sure to find the model that will be most appropriate for the needs of your facility.

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