What's Your Frame? Decorate a Diploma in Style

Achievements, large or small, bring about commendations. Educational landmarks, important certifications, and 4th place in the 5th-grade Olympics - they all come with a piece of paper to mark what you've done. While you'll likely get many of these sheets in your lifetime, it's still a shame to let it wallow in a file drawer or closet. Whether an advanced degree in your office or a certificate of completion in your study, your recognitions deserve some recognition!

It's all in how you frame it. Colorful, fun, or family-oriented achievements are often best commemorated in a picture frame that coordinates with your other home decor, or as a conversation piece on an end table. Look for fun ways to display a kid's ribbon or letter of recognition - there'll be more where that came from, so plan on swapping it out frequently.

More professional forms of recognition deserve a stately frame that echoes the hard work that goes into earning them. Our Dax® Contemporary Float Frame is the perfect compliment to an office or patient room, sized perfectly for an 8.5 x 11-inch diploma or certification. It'll display both your credentials and refined taste to anyone who enters your professional space.

If you're on the other end - the one giving out the awards - consider providing your honorees with a frame as well. It looks great when handing them out - a more impressive gift than a quick print-out, and you can save them the hassle of having to go frame shopping just to show off their diploma. Be sure to find a frame that's befitting the achievement - anything less would be undignified!.