What's Happening with Clorox?

We love Clorox products - in fact, we sell a lot of them. But even we don't love it as much as bold investor Carl Icahn. Icahn is an activist shareholder who already owns 10 percent of the Oakland, CA-based consumer products giant who offered up an unexpected $10.2 billion bid to buy the company in mid July. But his motivations go beyond a desire to own more Glad trash bags than anyone else - he's looking to aggressively grow a company he believes in.

Although Icahn is "ready and willing" to buy Clorox, the real aim of this bid is to create and push up profitable bids from other, larger companies. If successful, this impressive approach could boost share value for all shareholders in the company, including - naturally - Mr. Icahn. There are a large number of multi-product giants that could benefit from either incorporating Clorox brands into their lineups or eliminating a major competitor.

If the investor or a competitor does indeed buy Clorox, the future of many familiar home products may hang in the balance. As a privately held company, it could be altered, broken into pieces, or completely dismantled. Jobs, profits, and products are all on the line, and many in the industry are watching to see if this surprising business strategy pays off.

Clorox brands include Glad, 409, Pine Sol, Liquid Plumr, GreenWorks, Tilex, and many, many more in the realm of cleaning, food, and health. Find out more about Carl Icahn, the Clorox company, and the developing news on the buyout bid here.