Soda-Licious - Find a New Favorite Drink

In honor of one of our best-selling products, we're excited to bring you a feature on soda like you've never seen before. Usually our Dart Foam Cups are filled with red or green slushies, an icy Coke, or a lemon shake-up. While we're not knocking these beverage classics (in fact, we love them!), there are still things to be discovered at the fountain.

Your standard soda fountain has 5 to 10 options, each one refreshing and sweet - but they've all been tried before. The key to tantalizing your taste buds every time is to wander into the world of mixing. That's right, mixing. Here are a few of our tried-and-true favorites.

Coke + Dr Pepper = Pepsi

Are you particular about your global soda brands? When the menu disappoints, you can actually fake Pepsi products using their competitor. Order or mix half a cup of Coca-Cola with half a cup of Dr. Pepper. You may get some funny looks, but your picky taste buds will thank you!

Cola + Orange Soda = Spezi

Commonly known as a Spezi and served regularly in Germany, a mixture of 3/4 cola and 1/4 orange soda creates a surprisingly thirst-quenching concoction. Some find the color unpleasant, but it's remained popular for generations. Sometimes called the "driver's beer," this one's popular with the designated driver as a drink of choice for a night out.

Mountain Dew + Fruit Punch = Sunrise

Fill your foam cup nearly (at least 7/8) to the top with Mountain Dew or another yellow-green citrus soda. Head to the fruit punch fountain and top it off. The thin red layer will float on top of the soda, creating a tasty surprise as your beverage starts to run low.

Everything at Once = The Suicide

Only for the truly adventurous or the easily gullible, this murky concoction is made by evenly sampling every fountain available. The only one that's okay to skip is water, but trust us, you won't want any more ingredients! Also known as swamp water, graveyard Coke, or a shipwreck, this is one complicated taste experience you're unlikely to forget.