Paper Towel Dispensers

Everyone knows that hand dryers are just a distraction before wiping your hands on your pants or flicking your fingers in the air. An unsuccessful dry leads to an uncomfortably clammy bathroom experience and, ultimately, unsatisfied users. The only real way to dry your hands is with a paper towel. And the only real way to distribute paper towels is from of a paper towel dispenser.

Different types of paper towel dispensers are ideal for different types of bathrooms and locations. Before you decide what's right for your space, there are a few things to consider.

How much space do you have? Compact towel dispensers are available, but may be more labor-intensive to keep stocked than their larger counterparts. It's best to find a dispenser that can hold at least twice as many towels as you expect to be used in a cleaning cycle.

How tech-heavy is your bathroom? If you're wired up with auto-flushing toilets, automatic sinks, and portion-controlled soap dispensers, you're going to want paper towel dispensers that match that level of technology. An automatic dispenser gives each user a pre-determined amount of paper, cutting down on waste and inconvenience.

What look are you going for? A utilitarian bathroom setup won't need anything more than a wall-mounted dispenser with a crank handle. If your setup is more modern, look into sleek paper towel dispensers finished in black and silver.

Whatever style you choose, be sure you stock the correct paper products for your restrooms. Our paper towel dispensers are built for C-fold, multi-fold, center-pull, hardwound paper towels, and more. It's important to know the difference, because the wrong towels just won't fit.

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