Paper Products

There are a lot of ways to dry your hands in the bathroom. Most of the new ones involve ominous blinking red lights, deafening motors, and a big show of moving air, but they just don’t work that well. The most satisfying drying experience still comes from good old-fashioned paper, and bathroom users appreciate it. We stock paper products compatible with all the standard paper towel dispensers in use today, including the latest eco-friendly versions and commercial bulk quantities.

Paper products for the bathroom are made to be used once and immediately thrown away, so waste is an important consideration. When choosing the toilet tissue and paper towels for your facilities, it's important to know where you stand on comfort and conservation.

Paper Towels

If comfort and ease are high on your list, consider C-fold paper towels or multifold paper towels. These familiar stacking towels can be placed in a wide array of standard dispensers, or stacked on a countertop for simple use. Bathroom visitors appreciate that they're easy to use and generally thick and comfortable. However, they're not the most space-efficient and people tend to take more than they need.

Hardwound paper towels probably provide the most dry for your buy. These large rolls can only be effectively taken from a paper towel dispenser, but efficient design limits wasted space. Each roll is densely packed with paper for maximum use, so they're less likely to run out unexpectedly. On the downside, everyone knows they're just not as comfortable as folded towels.

Toilet Tissue

There's really only one design of toilet paper available - the roll. The size and contents of the roll, however, are up to you. One-ply, two-ply, padded, or extra soft? Compact small rolls or massive jumbo rolls? The more features you choose for your toilet tissue, the happier your visitors will be. But, on the proverbial downside, softer tissue means less paper, and less paper means more frequent changes.

The Rest

Our selection of paper products goes beyond the wipe and dry. While you're shopping for the basics, don't forget to stock up on toilet seat covers, kitchen paper towels, and industrial wipes. There's nothing better than a clean sheet every time, and only disposable paper can deliver.

UNEEDIT - We Got It! We're happy to help you and your business scratch your paper products itch. We carry all the rolls, stacks, and boxes of disposable paper you'll need for the bathroom, kitchen, and beyond. We believe in great selection, low prices, and high-priority customer service. If you have questions about products, prices, or quantities, contact us by phone or email and we'll be happy to help. Shop online at any time, and get what you need when UNEEDIT.