Office Supplies

Supplying an office can be a tricky business, because an office manager has to be an expert in so many different areas. An office requires technology, paper, furniture, safety equipment, tools, and - oh, yeah - the endless world of items dubbed "office supplies." These are the things that help ideas take shape; that help them blossom into spreadsheets and presentations and eventually reach market. They're the supplies that help the manager remember what he's doing that day, the secretary let you know who called, and the clerk label the box correctly. Office supplies might not always seem like much, but without them, things would come to a grinding halt.

The first category of office supplies is things that are used for the recording, storage, and transmission of information. Most of these must be stocked and restocked all the time - they're used then discarded or stored. These include paper products, folders, labels and stickers, and writing utensils. The quantities you need are directly related to both the size of your office and your type of business.

If employees are regularly making presentations or sending out materials, you may want to invest in a high-capacity binding machine or stock up on shipping supplies. If your notes and communication are largely internal, stick to the basics like presentation boards, calendars, and organizers and use your resources on more important things.

The second category of office supplies is things that support employees directly. These items tend to be larger and more expensive, but don't need to be bought as frequently. We carry office cabinets and racks in tons of sizes and varieties, desks and workstations, and other large furniture pieces for offices of all kinds. Also remember to stock the small things like mousepads, safety signs, ID badges, and first aid kits.

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