Green Company Highlight: Commercial Janitorial

Going green. We'd all like to do it, but in the janitorial industry, it seems at odds with the chemicals, paper products, and waste inherent in the job. As reported by the Digital Journal, one company - Commercial Janitorial - is seriously greening up their business and reaping major benefits. We supply janitorial businesses across the country with traditional and green products, and would love to see their example become the norm.

Developing a certifiably green cleaning program requires both commitment to the ideals of environmental conservation and the right equipment. That means Green Seal Certified (GSC) chemicals, micro-fiber cloths, and HEPA filtration vacuums, and a great plan for using them. You'll never be able to clean with 100% green materials, but mixing as many as possible into a janitorial plan can help a company gain karma and clients.

A common complaint from people new to having their building "green cleaned" is that it lacks that "just-cleaned" smell. Environmentally friendly cleaning products tend to use fewer chemicals than their traditional counterparts, and it can be harder to be sure the room's been sanitized without that acrid nostril sting. To put clients' minds at ease (or to spur them into action), Commercial Janitorial cites an EPA study that showed indoor air is often 2 to 5 times more polluted than the smoggy outdoors they think they're hiding from.

Green cleaning services have been shown to provide benefits to business and managers in wide range of ways. Fewer cleaning solutions and healthier air in office buildings leads to happier, harder-working employees. Schools benefit from a healthier learning environment by reducing airborne pathogens and chemicals. Green cleaning products help landlords and other property managers maintain a high rating, resulting in great reviews and increased revenues.

Whatever steps you and your company take towards greening your janitorial obligations, it'll help. It's easier than you think, most of the equipment is readily available here at UNEEDIT, and you can breathe easy knowing you're doing your part.

For more information on Commercial Janitorial and green cleaning, read the whole article here.