Disposable Cups and Glasses

Everywhere that people gather, no matter what the purpose, you'll find one thing in common - beverages. People drink all the time ... water, coffee, lemonade, smoothies, tea, juice; you name it. Staying hydrated keeps you healthy, chatting around the water cooler is social, and giving employees coffee to drink is probably the best way to get ahead in business. Whether you're hosting a team, throwing a party, catering an event, or slaking the thirst of the cubicle elite, cups and glasses will never go out of style.

When dealing with disposable cups, the first question you have to ask yourself is, "hot or cold?" There are fundamental differences between paper, Styrofoam, and plastic cups designed for heated or icy beverages.

Hot cups can be made of paper or foam, always with heat-insulating design that keeps drinks hot and hands safe. You'll find them in sizes common for coffee and tea, like 8, 12, and 16 ounces.

Our most popular cold cups are made of plastic or foam, but some are constructed from wax-coated paper. Foam cups are popular in larger sizes that typically hold ice for long periods of time - 16, 20, and 24 ounces.

Another kind of disposable cup, the paper cone cup, has become an office icon. The unique shape of the 4 oz. paper cone allows it to be stored in large quantities next to the water cooler and disposed of easily. The cone design also prevents a cup from being set on a table halfway through, reducing office clutter and mess.

We carry all the name-brand disposable cups that you expect, and quite a few that you probably don't. We've got Dart foam cups in large sizes, the popular Miraglaze and PerfecTouch series from Dixie, and all the best from Solo. For the eco-friendly office or event, be sure to check out Bare Hot Cups; they replace wax coating with plant-based resin and are made entirely from recycled stock.

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