Cleaning Supplies

When describing a deep clean, we often use phrases like, "getting down on our hands and knees" or "with our bare hands." While these are certainly dramatic, they're not actually very effective methods of cleaning. A real scrub requires cleaning supplies - chemicals, gloves, mops, and more - to put that elbow grease to work. At UNEEDIT, you'll find all the cleaning supplies you need for any cleaning job of any size.

There are a few different ways to tackle a tricky mess, each requiring a certain type of equipment. The first of these are the sprays. You probably have them in your house, too - cleaning sprays are simple, efficient, and a great way to cover a lot of territory. Many of our most popular cleaning sprays have become household names - Windex, Simple Green, and Pledge, to name a few. Used for glass, degreasing, and dusting, respectively, these sprays are applied and then wiped with a towel or rag for best results. Cleaning chemicals and solutions need regular replacement.

When shopping for cleaning supplies, you'll also need to pick up some tools. These are the things we use to get cleaner onto our surfaces and work off dirt and germs. Most are geared towards a specific type of cleaning, like scour pads and rough sponges for tough greases and sticky messes, toilet bowl brushes for - well - toilets, and disposable rags or towels for general wiping. Some applicators and brushes are reusable, and some are immediately disposable. Either way, you'll probably need to replace them pretty regularly.

The third type of cleaning product puts cleaning chemicals into a pre-made applicator to speed up the process. Cleaning wipes, automatic toilet bowl cleaners, and Swiffer mops are examples of these. Great for small or medium-sized jobs, these easy products cut down on time and waste - but costs can start to add up. Keeping these products on hand to supplement traditional cleaning supplies is a great way to make sure you're always prepared.

As you go through your cleaning supply list, don't forget the basics like gloves, dust pans, carrying caddies and more. It's all here, easily added to your order with little or no change to shipping cost.

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